A King in Country Music Circles

Have you ever heard of George Jones? I grew up listening to his music a country icon and prolific in his music making career a high-profile country star. I grew up listening to songs like White lightening a 1959 era song,

later George and Tammy Wynette sang the song Golden rings which always made me feel sad, his last song was a beautiful love song called He stopped loving her today. George Jones and country music are almost synonymous.

An Amazing Human being and Life Coach

So, when I saw the name George Jones on LinkedIn, I couldn’t shake the association. So when I met George, I was absolutely delighted to meet a very different George. This George is of George Lee Jones Coaching

Call him: 310.739.1481

He is a caring insightful African American Dude who is stellar in what he does. As a colleague in the industry I am impressed with the finesse I see George use in communication.

He is a life coach who specializes in childhood trauma and relationships. He offers the first 30-minute session free so that people can get a real feel for who he is what he has to offer.

He has an ability to cut through the layers with a kind directness that helps people take back their own personal power and reconnect with their innately whole selves.

Wanna change your life and heal give George a call.

One of the greatest gifts we can give another human being is help them return to themselves and George does this, he does this with a lifetime of accumulated skills.

Youthful with the soul of a Yoda

Don’t let his young looks fool you, this man has something special to offer those in need!

If ever there was time the world needed a little more nourishing the light in others it is now.

Truth be told it is always now.

Check out Georges Corner TED talk for Students on YouTube. He also has a reoccurring event Georges Corner hit him up to see when his next Georges Corner occurs.

Contact George here: gljlifeandbusinesscoach@gmail.com 310.739.1481

Freelancer, Wise Life Coaching & Consulting, Supports individuals and institutions optimize growth and change. (406) 241–9394 andreaafitzpatrick7@outlook.com