Why should you pay attention? … I dare say Impact.

What is the thing that matters to you and you alone?

I could make up all sorts of altruistic stories about what matters to me.

I grew with a phrase: “The truth is stranger than fiction” Experienced that phrase as often being the epitome of truth!

The truth is I would be hard put to single out one solitary thing: Life matters to me, equality in respect matters to me, fairness, kindness, honesty, education, and SO many others

Throughout my life one of the shining things that I have come to recognize as fundamental. Is simple: it is the ability to listen to my soul, my own inner voice no matter what anyone else in the world is doing and saying.

I literally sang, danced, wrote, published, became a prolific learner and self-educator, became formally educated in the face of incredible derision and doubt pushed toward me.

The Northern Flicker Woodpecker often annoys people with its prolific abandonment to rhythm especially in spring. lol

They fly up to tap out their rhythm on chimneys, metal pails, wood boxes, bird houses, gutters, trees and more, anything that can really produce sound!

They in essence much to the chagrin or charm of their human compatriots live a joyous life flying and tapping out their own rhythm in a rather persistent and joyous Fashion.

I love this about the Northern Flicker!

I wanted to teach others to tap into to their own souls, recognize their own inherent worth: no matter what life way, what past experiences, ethnicity, atypical or neurotypical neurology, because I learned at the ripe old age of 23 what happens when we shut down that inner voice.

To steal a phrase “don’t die with your music still inside of you!”

Action any action is better than apathy.

The one thing that has never entirely left me and I have been in some of the darkest trenches is this absolute command from my soul to get back up, to heal, to become more through pain and loss than I was before the experience.

You see to be a beacon, be a light unto the world. I am no angel, and in my life, I have most certainly errored in the erroring I learned more than I could’ve without it. Erroring and succeeding are reality but also perceptions. We get to place the meaning on the experiences.

To borrow a phrase from a departed loved one “If you ain’t making mistakes you aren’t tryin”.

Mine won’t let me rest too long without stirring me to action again and again and again. It is fundamental.

I was told at age 16 I couldn’t fathom the lives I would impact by my presence in the world it was that important for me to go back to my body.

I couldn’t wrap my head around the sheer import or numbers felt … emoted at me but the sense of showing up in life has never left since that encounter, the desire to help others, the understanding that I am an example even when I don’t think or feel like I am.

We let the lie and overlays dictate our perceptions, feelings, and actions in life. So again, I pose the question: what story, what legacy are you bringing to the world?

Mine is INCLUSIVE rather than exclusive contrary to some marketing strategies my internal compass inarguable will not budge on this.

People on pedestals fall hard and heavy. I will keep my feet in the dirt and remind you all: we have choice CHOICE even when it feels like we do not.

What will your choice be?

Freelancer, Owner; Life Coach at Flicker Coaching, helps individuals and institutions optimize growth and change. (406) 241–9394 andreaafitzpatrick7@outlook.com

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