Trauma, Our Perceptions, and body language

Hope and how to heal generational family trauma.

Familial dysfunction is most often generational.


The rides were not worth the price.


This taking in of the primary caregiver’s emotional life and feeling response to the world is called internalization.

Trauma isn’t like a broken leg it hides behind the most beautiful faces.

But if I had I would never have gotten to feel the genuine love, trust and respect, and how that felt when it was reciprocated.

When I was newly in the world, divorced, void of family and abusers for the first time: I truly had no idea what was considered normal, what normal attention felt like, what normal perceptions were, and I paid a hefty price for my ignorance for a while.

There were a small handful of people that irrevocably shifted my life for the better by simply loving me without judgment.

we can only heal ourselves …

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