The One Simple Step that will change your life Exponentially for the better.

Believe in yourself when you do others will to.

Often when we set out to do something new or adventurous those around well meaning in their advice slap the wind from beneath our wings.

Instead of flying, our emotions come crashing down with the well meaning advice and we find ourselves hiking barefoot up the mountain of stone under a grey glowering sky.

Every great achievement in thought and action was initially dismissed, discouraged or outright laughed at. Remember when people thought the world was flat? Who could imagine flying, seeing someone from across the ocean and talking to them in real time, or walking on the moon?

When I was very young my stepfather sat me on his knee and said to me earnestly “if you really want something no matter what it is all you have to do is be willing to work for it!”

The lesson has always stuck. When you want to do anything that makes your heart beat more strongly, makes you come alive you are on the right track to happy life. But peer pressure, family opinions of your capabilities and doubts assail you if you allow them.

But here is the truth.

You get to choose where you place your attention. On success or learning from each endeavor. You get to choose who you hang out with and listen to. Believe in yourself, believe in your capability.

You get to choose what to do. Are you going to listen to the well meaning friend that says you know free-lancers pay a lot of taxes and its really complicated. Or Oh, your going to school your going to have a HUGE loan your paying off for the rest of your life. The messages come: some friendly and some down right unkind.

What do you do with all that input?

  1. Do some soul searching is the thing your going after what you want at a core level or what someone else wants for you?
  2. Once you understand what it is YOU want not your mom, your friend, or your college professor but what you want: you go after it.
  3. Remember it may not be easy in the beginning there is a learning curve stick with your goal and don’t over think it.
  4. It isn’t a mistake if you learn from it and don’t keep repeating it.
  5. When you take action toward your dreams, goals and aspirations and work to make them your reality. When you don’t give up on a bad day, or when it gets challenging, you show your inner self you believe in you.

When you do this your self confidence goes up and so does your productivity and capability. This one Step of believing in yourself enough to begin taking action and keep taking action are the powerhouses for changing your life for the better.

When the going gets tough and you are thinking of throwing in the towel: don’t. You can learn more from your “so-called” failures than your success.

Learn to bring your self back to the moment and keep your-self in the present moment there lies your direction, your passion, energy, and success.

Know you can learn more from loss, failure, and sorrow than you ever can from an accolade. Hold onto that knowing to keep you on track when it gets difficult.

You may think your life is difficult. But is it really?

This man Nick Vujicic was born without arms and legs and is one of the most passionate, alive, humans beings I have had the pleasure of witnessing.

Using his mind, heart, and voice he has made a career and life for himself. What do you think you can do if you decide right here, right, now to apply yourself? Take that one step, its a leap I know but take it anyway and believe in yourself take action the momentum builds, its gets easier, and one day you look back and wonder why it took you so long to simply take action.

Don’t wait. What ever it is, take action: begin, go do it now.

Because when you believe in you and show the universe by taking action and continuing to take action others will believe in you too.

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