Please Get Out of “Your Lonely”

2 Actions steps to shift your state

Disconnection and loneliness are running rampant with Covid19 shut-downs, lock-downs, and media hype. People are frightened and acting out of fear.

Pushed by the giant shifts and changes in our world. Media fear-mongering does little to help those already feeling disconnected and at suicide risk.

Rather than doing the crazy stockpiling and buying every scrap of toilette paper. Perhaps we could be better neighbors, yeah?

We tend to think of our gadgets as our connection to the world. Your phone isn’t true connection and neither is your laptop.

Connection comes with connecting genuinely and feeling heard, seen, understood. Whether in person, facetime, or phone call.

I urge anyone feeling lonely who can go take a walk outside. Be in the sunshine its good for your soul.

The two action steps to shift lonely are simple and sometimes profoundly difficult in the depths of loneliness and depression. I urge anyone in the this space to push your way out!

Action step number one:

put on the happiest, most upbeat music you can stand, love, and turn it up. Sing, dance, scream even, get your body MOVING change your physiology and you change your emotions.

Think of anything that brings you happiness and stay in those thoughts! When fear or depression tries to creep back in move, dance, clean your house, go for a run, walk, cycle, jumping jacks: it doesn’t matter simply move and shift your thoughts again to the positive.

Its better if its movement that has brought you joy in the past but it can be any really active movement.

Action Step number Two:

Call a friend, call a therapist, call family, call support groups and 1800 help numbers.

What ever you do don’t isolate yourself emotionally while quarantining physically.

This leads to isolation and feeling disconnected and alone. Use this time to invest in yourself. Cultivate your mind and body.

Reach out for help.

While the state of the world shifts you can still be healthy so that when our new reality settles down; you can move into life healthy and happy.

When you reach out to family and friends be sure the people you are reaching out to are kind, joyful, and encouraging.

Stay away from toxic or strained relationships if you are feeling vulnerable. Do an emotional check in before you make the call. If you are stable and up for a difficult call go ahead and connect with a loved one in that way.

However, if its going to put you deeper find a more positive person to call and if you don’t have that in your circle of family and friends.

Call support groups or 1–800 number that is what they are there for. and last but not least.

you made the helpers heart Glad to be alive.

NEVER feel it is an imposition to call a therapist, support group or 1–800 person, they are all there to support you.

When you allow them to give of their time, love, and energy you help them in their life purpose. Your reaching out is gift!

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