Joy is a Choice

Two teachable skills can shift self-sabotage.

Joy isn’t a condition- it is a choice.

“I got my own imperfections, before I can love you, I need to learn to love myself”.

Chaos proceeds transformation

Perhaps just perhaps the original meaning of happily after meant happily ever after no matter what.

Change can be beautiful.

And shame only comes when we allow our own minds to mess with us.

The happy family.
Attention, kindness, love.

How can we guide our beloved children into the future if we choose control, shame, blame, and fear?

How can we go from shattered to hopeful?

So, love then is generous, engaged, accepting and non-controlling.

Blanket filter

We must redirect our thoughts and attention to something good and we may have to do this many times before it sticks.

Go live it with joy, take some action, AND redirect yourself when you start meandering down dark roads. Choose joy!

Be Present.

Freelancer, Owner; Life Coach at Flicker Coaching, helps individuals and institutions optimize growth and change. (406) 241–9394

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