• Andrew Everett

    Andrew Everett

    searching for the right words

  • Paul Harrell

    Paul Harrell

    I began Over the Wall Coaching, not asking if I’d be successful, but rather how many people could I help achieve their dreams.

  • Michelle Seidling, PhD

    Michelle Seidling, PhD

    Empowering working professionals to develop healthy, sustainable eating habits for life success. — https://foodexperienceunplugged.com

  • Don Sturgill

    Don Sturgill

    Writer, Dreamer, Believer.

  • Karrie-anne Atkinson

    Karrie-anne Atkinson

  • Aurora Eliam, CMP

    Aurora Eliam, CMP

    Writer and editor with a background in animal behavior, journalism, philosophy, psychology & spirituality. Get in touch: AuroraMEliam@gmail.com

  • Samuel Avraham

    Samuel Avraham

    Environmentalist, vegan and Meditation writer. Writer in TheAscent, TheWritingCoop and AFewWords. Editor of: TheEnvRep. Contact: avrahamsamuel(at)gmail.com

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