Why should you pay attention? … I dare say Impact.

What is the thing that matters to you and you alone?

I could make up all sorts of altruistic stories about what matters to me.

I grew with a phrase: “The truth is stranger than fiction” Experienced that phrase as often being the epitome of truth!

The truth is I would be hard put to single out one solitary thing: Life matters to me, equality in respect matters to me, fairness, kindness, honesty, education, and SO many others

Throughout my life one of the shining things that I have come…

A King in Country Music Circles

Have you ever heard of George Jones? I grew up listening to his music a country icon and prolific in his music making career a high-profile country star. I grew up listening to songs like White lightening a 1959 era song,

later George and Tammy Wynette sang the song Golden rings which always made me feel sad, his last song was a beautiful love song called He stopped loving her today. George Jones and country music are almost synonymous.

2 Actions steps to shift your state

Disconnection and loneliness are running rampant with Covid19 shut-downs, lock-downs, and media hype. People are frightened and acting out of fear.

Pushed by the giant shifts and changes in our world. Media fear-mongering does little to help those already feeling disconnected and at suicide risk.

Rather than doing the crazy stockpiling and buying every scrap of toilette paper. Perhaps we could be better neighbors, yeah?

We tend to think of our gadgets as our connection to the world. Your phone isn’t true connection and neither is your laptop.

Connection comes with connecting genuinely and feeling heard, seen, understood. …

The #1 Action Step we all fall short on and how we can do better

There is nothing wrong with a myth as long as we can define the difference between the illusion and reality.

So here’s the thing:

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

There are giant insane myths in our society that literally wreck lives. The Hollywood or Harlequin Romance as an example of love relationships. Promote false ideas of happily ever after with no work or compromise involved.

The idea that if you do what you love it will all go smoothly and success will follow.

I call bullshit on…

How Technology and Melatonin supplements have been normalized.

Recently while out with my three children a store clerk having observed my daughter’s tantrum at being denied candy and my children’s overflowing pre-dinner exuberance at checkout recommended melatonin chews in the medicine aisle…

I found myself deeply shocked by the implication that my children were understood to need medication for behaving like small children and even more shocked that giving our small children melatonin chews is a norm somewhere in our society.

My son diagnosed with cerebral palsy is four and has speech-language delays and sensory processing challenges due to cerebral…

How 3 easy simple shifts in body language deters predators.

Confidence is powerful — you can create it.

Hello women, young and old, here’s is a shout out to women of all ages. We are taught many things to keep us safe out there in the world, we are taught to walk in lighted areas after dark, go to the ladies room with a friend, carry mace or pepper spray, and many more such types of advice.

What if I told you that you could change who you attract through 3 simple shifts in your body language alone?

In my early 20’s I was professional creep magnet. I…

Two teachable skills can shift self-sabotage.

Joy isn’t a condition- it is a choice.

I am mother to three gorgeous human beings most call children or kids. I am lucky to be their mother, lucky to be a mother at all. Prior to my children’s father I had never loved someone enough to risk children, later I had enough early miscarriages I had begun to think I wouldn’t be physically able when my son came and stayed.

While I have wonderful, deep, and meaningful friendships; I seem to not farewell in the intimate relationship part of human relationships. Perhaps I am too much, too difficult, too something…

As Celine Dion says, in her song…

Believe in yourself when you do others will to.

Often when we set out to do something new or adventurous those around well meaning in their advice slap the wind from beneath our wings.

Instead of flying we find ourselve hiking.

Instead of flying, our emotions come crashing down with the well meaning advice and we find ourselves hiking barefoot up the mountain of stone under a grey glowering sky.

Every great achievement in thought and action was initially dismissed, discouraged or outright laughed at. Remember when people thought the world was flat? Who could imagine flying, seeing someone from across the ocean and talking to them in real time, or walking on the moon?


Hope and how to heal generational family trauma.

Familial dysfunction is most often generational.

I was dying, I knew it my vision went black, the pain in my chest at once sharp and dull stole my breathe until I was bent at the waist without sight panting shallow breaths of air. Just breathe I told myself. Sweat popped out upon my brow and just as my knees grew wobbly my vision cleared and the pain eased to a dull heavy throb.

I didn’t know when it would happen again or how bad; the condition was getting worse and the quack MD I was seeing was mystified.

Familial dysfunction is most often generational. The trail…

Andrea A. Fitzpatrick

Freelancer, Wise Life Coaching & Consulting, Supports individuals and institutions optimize growth and change. (406) 241–9394 andreaafitzpatrick7@outlook.com

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